Frequently Asked Questions

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How Effective is Billboard Advertising?

OOH advertising is one of the most effective approaches to reach your audience. Digital billboards are large, constantly bright, and strategically placed in high-traffic areas to be where people can see them. OOH advertising is always getting attention because it’s always there, unlike traditional TV or radio ads which can be skipped or turned off. Digital billboards can reach up to 61% of commuters and 70% of pedestrians, resulting in an ROI up to 280% You spend the same dollar on more traditional advertising for less reach and profit.

Why is Billboard Advertising so Costly?
A lot goes into the making and installation of an LED Display; from quality parts to the skilled labour and setup on your property. Even though the cost of billboard advertising may seem intimidating to smaller business, the ROI of OOH media is greater to their actual costs in comparison to traditional media. With the emergence of digital LED technology, OOH media is a strong strategy in generating more publicity. With greater publicity, usually comes higher profit.
Can I Pay in Instalments?

Yes, eSign offers a flexible payment plan. Consult us to find one that’s right for you.

Can I Opt out of the Extended Warranty?

Absolutely, opting out of eSign’s warranty packages can be done with no problem.Standard warranty provides free replacement parts for the first two years after purchases. However, extra fees will be billed for having our technicians replace those parts for you.

Opting out of eSign’s extended warranty also leaves you solely responsible for the monitoring of your signage at the display management you choose to project on it.

What are the Minimum and Maximum viewing Distances of your Signs?

The viewing distances depend on which eSign LED Display you’re interested in. P6 format has a viewing distance from 6 meters; P8 from 8 meters; P16 from 16 meters. For more detailed information, visit our products page.

What is the Cost of Upkeep?

eSign offers extended warranty packages so you don’t need to worry about the upkeep of your signage. Consult us to find one that’s right for your business and put your mind at ease.

What is LED

LED (light-emitting diode) is a powerful lightbulb which produces brighter light with greater efficiency compared to other artificial light sources. The rising popularity of LED comes from its low energy consumption, high reliability, longevity, and ability to be programmed for unique displays.

Who Should be Advertising on Billboards?
Brands looking for greater exposure are candidates that can profit from promoting on billboards. This means that any business of any size, with a message and incentive to grow, can reach a larger audience and benefit from more consumer awareness through OOH advertising.
What Can I Advertise on my Digital Billboard ?

As long as you comply with Advertising Standards Canada and your local bylaws, you can put anything you’d like in .jpeg or .mov format on your eSign Digital Display.

What is the Lifespan of eSign Displays?

The average lifespan of an eSign Display can be between 15-25 years depending on the intensity of use and the brightness of the LED bulbs.

How do I obtain a permit to install an LED display on my property?

Have no fuss; eSign works to get the permit for you. eSign will also send a team of appraisers to inspect your property to see where and how an eSign Digital Display can be installed.

Why Choose eSign?

Because we care about our business, which means we care about yours. We put much dedication into the production and installation of our product, and the service for our customers. We want to see the world lit up and business thrive. eSign wants you to Show Your Brand.

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